Amazing twisters


😳 My watch is stuck between 2 and 2.30… it’s a do or dhai situation.

😎Never say give me five to a snake… woh tumhe dus dega.

😅 A potato was interrogated by cops. After 3 hours of torture, it gave in and said Main batata hoon, main batata hoon…’

😳 I laughed yesterday in Hindi is Michael Hussey.

😝 What did one circumference tell the other?
2πr hai kisi aur ka… tujhe chahta koi aur hai…”

😊God never tasted any cough syrup, because khuda-na-khasta.


Notice Boards


I found this very innovative Notice Boards:

Forest Dept:
“Shoot the bird with camera not with Gun…”

Traffic Dept:
“Donate blood, But not on Roads…”

Petrol Pump:
“No smoking” ” Your life may be worthless but our petrol is Costly”

And Finally!!

Hospital Board:-
“If you still want to continue looking @ girls, even after your Death “DONATE YOUR EYES” 😜